ReBa - Farming Bitcoin, BNB | Earning cryptocurrencies at BSC

Elementor #408The ReBa token was created by the Real.Bitcoinauto project, as a service token for gaining access to all services.Rvisam project (ADSense.ReBa, Digi Shop, Real Bingo, ReBa Work) and offers to earn Bitcoin, BNB, BUSD on the Binance Smart Chain (Galaxy Farm & Liquid, ReBa Space AutoFarm)

free registration + ReBa bonuses directly to your account in your personal account.

Token info

Symbol: ReBa

Token name: Real.Bitcoinauto

Total Supply: 6 ReBa

Token contract address:


1 ReBa = $ 0.0087
+ 59.77% (24H)
Total value Locked
≈ $ 55.52 K
Across all LPs, stake Galaxy Farm and Space Autofarm

ReBa Galaxy Farm & Liquid

ReBa Staking - receive valuable ReBa tokens for staking directly to your wallet and participate in all Real.Bitcoinauto projects to earn more cryptocurrencies.

ReBa Liquid Participate in providing liquidity for the ReBa token and receive increased rewards in Bitcoin, BUSD, Cake directly to your wallet.

Detailed instructions for ReBa Galaxy Farm

You can check the availability of payments and the activity of deposits by the addresses of the contracts in the tabs Contract details

ReBa rate charts and liquidity volumes

Stake ReBa = Earn ReBa
Total stake = $ 45.21K

Liquid ReBa + BNB

Earn Bitcoin + fees
Total liquidity ReBa + BNB = $ 15.02K

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Get ReBa-BNB (Get Cake LP for liquidity)

Liquid ReBa + BTCB

Earn BUSD + fees
Total liquidity ReBa + BTCB = $ 9.86K

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Get ReBa-BTCB (Get Cake LP for liquidity)

Liquid ReBa + BUSD

Earn Cake + fees
Total liquidity ReBa + BUSD = $ 8.02K

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Get ReBa-BUSD (Get Cake LP for liquidity)

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